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Student accommodation ideal for for students studying at Deakin College, DUELI and Deakin University's Melbourne campus at Burwood

What Our Residents Have To Say About Us

 Thank you very much. My daughter truly enjoyed her semester at International House in Burwood. We appreciate the great support of you and your organization to keep her safe and cared for in our absence. I also had the opportunity to travel with her for two weeks, in Australia, before she settled into her residence, and I was most impressed with the facilities you have been able to provide. You have a most beautiful country, and we look forward to a future opportunity to visit again!  

"I love this place so much, and this is the best place I have ever been to so far in my life. Is like a heaven here!! In here we are like a one big family, we love each other, we care about each other, OMG!! That's too great!!!   And seriously you are so nice because you actually care about the students here and you really take things seriously, I can tell it, and every time I send you email you reply me so quick."  Derick - Hong Kong Deakin College Student.  

“IH is defined home away from home. I’ve had the best time of my life here. Everyone here is very kind and cordial.” Vaishnavi from India.

Dear Ms. Elissa,

Time passed quickly! It has been nearly 4 years since the date I came and lived at International House. Frankly, IH is a wonderful place to live and study for those who are going to come to Deakin College (MIBT) and/or Deakin University. First, IH is very close to Burwood campus and it is convenient to catch bus or tram to go to the shopping malls. Second, I could say IH is a well-organized village where international students from many countries have settled in for their study. We can learn and exchange country culture as well as personal experience from each other. Third, Tony and Jenny have been doing great jobs. They have helped me a lot and made me feel at home from the moment I arrived at IH till now. Thank you Tony and Jenny. I’ll miss you both! Last but not least, when my parents came to visit me in Melbourne, you have provided them with comfortable accommodation rooms which made them feel happy. Thank you so much for your kind consideration and support.   Now, it’s time for me to say good bye to you, IH staffs and other housemates. I’ll certainly recommend this village to my colleagues and friends after going back to my country.   The greeting season is coming, I’d like to wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy – Healthy – Successful New Year.

Kind regards,

Anna – Vietnam


I want to say how lucky and happy i am to stay in International House. I have meet new friends and now they are become a family here. The house is  pretty good, also, the gym, the study lounge and the pool are very useful. The best part is i will not have far to walk to university.

Amalia, Indonesia


International House is one of the significant factor which helped me to be success on my study in Australia because it's located is close to Deakin University just 2 Minutes' walk and a numerous of facilities for instance unlimited internet , gym , swimming pool , and Spa.

I hope you enjoy in your second home international house

Abdulraheem Alsulami

Saudi Arabia


I am going to be completely honest with you and tell you my very teenage point of view of International House. This place is absolutely wonderful, I have no regrets about the decision to come here. The cultural diversity is an experience that many travel far and wide to experience but can be found over a game of pool in the recreation room. I?d definitely highly recommend this place to anybody because I am having the time of my life.? A very happy 19 year old resident of International House.

Lulu Njeleka, Zimbabwe

We very much enjoyed staying at International House whilt visiting our sons David and Joe. It's great place for them to live. We've been very impressed with the facilities and used them all during our stay!

Barbara and Joe Fiore
Stockton California
I was really nicely surprised when I arrived to see all the facilities at International House, like the pool, gym , the TV in our living room and more!
At International House we are mindful that our accommodation is not just a place for students to sleep. Many life long lasting friendships have been made and we encourage all residents to socialise with as many other residents and partake in activites to truly enhance their stay in Australia.
As Jasper from the Netherlands says "It's more like a holiday resort than student housing."

Never had such an easy time meeting friends from all over the world at that. I'd recommend International House to anyone planning on attending Deakin University.

Nick, Kansas State University


Life is simply more fun here, and school easier with the support you can get from your fellow housemates. 

Morenike, St Mary's College Of California


International House was a great way to feel comfortable with Australia.

Stephanie, Southern Oregon University


IH is a good place to start a students life especially at Deakin University as it is very close to the Burwood campus.  Everything one may ask for is available at IH from basics such as laundry, internet, proper kitchen to good additions such as inclusive printing service, swimming pool & gym.  It is not far from transportation and shopping places like Box Hill or Chadstone.  Good support is found anytime from very nice caretakers.  I think, to start, IH offers more than what I need and it is worth it with reasonable prices.

Taylor, Thailand


I have now been a resident of IH for two semesters and could never have wished to live in a better place.  From the moment I arrived in Australia I have been taken care of and looked after by the staff particulary but also by the other residents.  IH is in a convienient location, and full of fun.  When you first arrive in Australia, IH really helps you to feel at home and settle in. I recommend it to anyone.

Sophie, England