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Student accommodation ideal for for students studying at Deakin College, DUELI and Deakin University's Melbourne campus at Burwood

How Can You Book A Room?

Step 1: Complete all sections of the application form. Once you press "submit" the application form is emailed directly to International House.  If there are any sections on the form that you are not able to complete please note N/A (not applicable).


Step 2: The application will be processed asap and a "Letter Of Offer" and an invoice will be emailed to the email addresses you have noted on the application form (normally the counsellor (if you have booked via an educational agent) , student and students parents).


Step 3: To confirm the booking, the "Letter Of Offer" must be completed and returned to International House and the Security Deposit of $1000 AUD MUST be paid. Methods of payment are listed on the invoice.

Upon receipt of the security deposit a receipt will be emailed to you and your booking is now confirmed. A room will not be allocated to you until the Security Deposit is paid and the completed "Letter Of Offer" is received.


Step 4: Organise the airport transfer for the student directly with their school.  Inform us of their arrival date, flight number and arrival time. If they are travelling with a relative or friend who would like to stay with us then please advise us so we can arrange an extra bed.

Bedding can be purchased on arrival if required.  Parents are welcome to stay for 5 days free of charge any additional nights are only $A45 per person per night.


Step 5: The balance of the accommodation fees MUST be paid before the student arrives in Australia. Methods of payment are listed on the invoice. Upon receipt of the balance a receipt will be emailed.


Step 6: Upon your arrival to International House, students will be met by our friendly on site staff. Students will be asked to complete a "Bedroom Condition" report. They will then be given their keys and shown around the facilities and through their apartment.  After a quick tour through your apartment, you will be shown to your room where you can start to unpack and enjoy your new surroundings.


Step 7: An email is then sent to the counsellors (if you have used an education agent) advising them of the students arrival, their bedroom details and a direct contact number should they need to contact the student.


Please note the "Letter Of Offer " is also our agreement. You can see copies of this at the "Forms" section of our "Getting Started" page. 

Please familiarise yourself with this so when you receive it you are fully aware and understand the agreement that you are required to sign and comply with.

Please retain a copy for your own records.


To contact us with any queries, please email Elissa Jans: